ThermaData Pharm data loggers for vaccines & medicines


ThermaData Pharm WiFi loggers for vaccines, medicines and the pharmaceutical industry

  • FREE software with NO ongoing or subscription charges
  • access recorded data worldwide via internet
  • high/low alerts via email & SMS

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ThermaData Pharm WiFi data loggers are a battery powered, cost effective, temperature monitoring system that remotely records storage and transportation temperatures of perishable items such as vaccine, medicines and perishable foodstuffs.

The ThermaData Pharm is available in two options, the TD1F-PHM with one internal and one external sensor or the TD2F-PHM that has two external sensors.

Each unit has an intuitive LCD displaying; temperature, WiFi connection status, max/min recorded temperatures, alarm status and battery life.

Simple to set up, the logger once up and running will transmit recorded data to a WiFi router connected to the internet which can then be accessed and viewed from a PC, laptop or tablet anywhere in the world.


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