Burger temperature Thermocouple Type K probe


Burger temperature probe

Type K Burger Temperature Probe  – Cook the perfect burger!
  • ø4.5mm  x 45mm (45° bend) x 160mm. The measurement tip is ø1mm x either 6 or 12mm.
  • Range -75 to 250°C
  • accuracy ±0.5°C, 0°C to 100°C
  • Two tip depths available – 6mm & 12mm

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Burger Temperature Probe – The new ETI Burger Temperature Probe has been designed specifically to measure the temperature of burgers and measure that they are properly cooked. The FSA (Food Standards Agency) advice is to ensure that they are cooked thoroughly all the way through. By simply searing the outside on a minced meat burger there is a risk of ingesting harmful bacteria.

The burger probe tip design allows insertion into the interior of the burger patty to accurately gauge when it is perfectly cooked. The 12mm stainless steel disc ensures the correct insertion depth (6 or 12mm) every time! Simply insert into burger until the disc touches the surface of the burger to test it has reached the ideal temperature to be cooked properly.

Two versions are available for differing burger thicknesses:
123-745 – having a 6mm insertion tip
123-746 – having a 12mm insertion tip

The probe’s stainless steel section is 4.5mm OD x 45 (45° bend) x 160mm. The measurement tip is 1mm OD x either 6 or 12mm.


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