Griddle Probe With 1m Armoured Lead


Griddle or Grill Thermocouple Probe with armoured lead
Designed specifically for use with grills and griddles
Type K thermocouple
Unique flat ribbon technology
Robust one metre armoured lead
Measuring Ø40 x 80mm
Temperature range 0 to +250 °C

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The ETI weighted griddle or grill surface probe is designed for grills and griddle pans to ensure consistent cooking temperatures. Ideal for restaurants and fast food outlets, it will keep the quality of meat, burgers and other grilled foods high. Unique to ETI, the weighted grill probe features flat ribbon technology. This enables better contact with surfaces, ensuring a fast, accurate response and minimal heat loss. This thermocouple surface temperature probe has a wide temperature range of 0 to 250 °C.

Compatible with a wide range of digital thermometers.

There are many high-quality thermometer choices to pair with this grill temperature probe. It is compatible with all ETI probes with a type K thermocouple socket, such as the Saf-T-Log and Therma K thermometers designed for food applications.

Technical specifications

Sensor Type:K thermocouple
Probe Range:0 to +250 °C
Probe Diameter:40 mm
Probe Length:80 mm
Lead Style:straigh


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